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Free Forum Exchange

Venue:  Apache Cafe

Event Day:   Sunday

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Notes:  $7 admssion - 21+

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  Information About the Event  
  Free Forum Exchange is the night where "your thoughts are your currency". The spoken word is the star here but one can expect to see singer songwriters, MCs, performance artists, solo instrumentalists, soap box activists and more. Sensitive ears fill the room listening for thought provoking stanzas and erotic rhymes, political diatribes and socio-economic ruminations, humorous haiku and funky a capella raps. Written word recited from memory or just penned poems see their authors stand soul naked at the microphone.

"I''m a virgin", says a newcomer, paper in hand shaking with the wind of expectation. The audience replies back with words of encouragement like, "Take your time". And so the deepest fears and most titillating details of people you may not know are revealed only to spur on another and another. At Free Forum Exchange there are no rules. Bring your words, your talent, and you do you.

There is no band equipment on Sundays so small ensemble instrumentalists should bring their own gear. The doors open at 7pm and the list is made available for sign up at that time. All interested in signing up must be present to do so and the admission is the same for everyone at $7. The list fills up quickly so if you don''t want to wait until the end of the night get there early.
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