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Insert Coins

512 Fremont St,, Las Vegas, NV
TYPE:  Bar-Nightclub-Sports-Bar
NEIGHBORHOOD:  Downtown/Fremont Street MAP


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Information about Insert Coins

Insert Coin(s)

The most unique bar/nightclub experience located in Vegas' coolest area on the rise. Downtown is quickly becoming the chic hangout for locals and travelers in the know. INSERT COIN(S) is a modern marvel with nostalgic charm that far exceeds the average club goers expectations, hence its reputations as one of Vegas' most popular venues.

Imagine bringing a group of friends or colleagues to a gamers paradise which doubles as a club goers playground. Guests have the option of partying in gorgeous custom VIP gaming booths complete with cocktail/bottle service and the game & console of choice, sitting at a 50+ capacity LED-illuminated Beta Bar and play the latest Xbox 360 and PS3 games on 14 large screen HDTVs, or taking a trip down memory land via the 60 vintage restored cabinets of the past featuring everything from Ms. Pac Man to Street Fighter II to Tetris. INSERT COIN(S) is equally as unique in its nightlife experience featuring the trail blazing resident DJs and special guest DJs from all over the world. Music lovers can indulge in a variety of options throughout the week and you never what artists will pop up for a surprise performance. INSERT COIN(S) is INTERACTIVE NIGHTLIFE"!


We may not have all the games you grew up on but our list of restored classic arcade cabinets is not one to scoff at. With over 60 titles to choose from INSERT COIN(S) brings you back to the good old days when games were just about a high score to beat! Take your singles over to the change machine and get ready to plunk some quarters in your favorite title and make a name for yourself! Well, with 3 letters anyways!


Where else in the world can you grab a drink and challenge a stranger to a round of Mortal Kombat in a bar? Or share a bucket of beers with a friend and see who comes out a winner in the latest edition of Madden NFL with onlookers cheering you on? Better still, go online and co-op some matches in COD: Modern Warfare 3 with a teammate playing on the screen right next to you. That's the kind of action that goes on at the BETA BAR all the while Vegas' best bartenders make sure you have a strong drink with that controller!


There's table service in Las Vegas, and then there's table service INSERT COIN(S) style. INTERACTIVE NIGHTLIFE TM is you and a group of friends choosing 2 videogame consoles of your choice, picking your favorite games from our menu along with a bottle or 2 of your favorite spirits and nerding it out in style. Our cocktail waitresses will make sure your cup never runs dry and a personal gamer will be there to assist you if things get hectic.


What's a nightclub without the music? INSERT COIN(S) has that locked up in a big way. Featuring some of the best DJs in Las Vegas and even the world, come 10pm every night we take things to the next level with our super teched-out sound system. Whether it's the latest hits, your favorite classics or remixed videogame soundtracks, our talented DJs make it a party like no other venue can all the while our mega-sized videowall flashes with the dopest imagery for your eyes as well as ears!

Chris LaPorte - Founder

The visionary behind INSERT COIN(S), Christopher LaPorte quit a career in the healthcare industry to chase a dream. The Entertainment Capital of the World had everything to offer except a spot dedicated to videogames. With the help of two entrepreneurial surgeons and over 25 years as a self proclaimed Gamer, BOSSMAN, as he's so eloquently called, brings to you the next stage of nightlife in Sin City and prove to the world the strength of the videogame community.

Never satisfied LaPorte continues to develop the INTERACTIVE NIGHTLIFE TM concept and works tirelessly to not only ensure INSERT COIN(S) remains the hottest spot in Las Vegas, but to make INSERT COIN(S) a household name! Insider tip, if you can catch him, challenge him to a battle in Street Fighter. If you win, drinks on him!

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