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By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2007-04-04 02:37:49
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THEBlowdrying With a Brush
1. Apply a heat-protecting product while your hair is still wet. This is VERY important. The idea is that excessive heat will burn off the product before it starts in on your hair. Think of all those times you’ve blowdried your hair without any product in it. You’ve left it completely defenseless against the heat! If you’ve got dry or damaged ends, this is probably why. To get extra oompf, look for your heat protection in the form of a mousse or a volumizing spray.

2. Let your hair dry naturally about 90% (or if you really don’t have time, flip your head upside down and give it a quick fluff dry).

3. GENTLY detangle the hair (don’t rip through it!) and part it wherever you want the part.

4. Section your hair horizontally, clipping up the top and leaving only the bottom section free.

5. With a ceramic round brush, brush the hair down and follow with the blowdryer, blowing DOWN the hair shaft (away from the scalp) to create shine and close the cuticle. You want to make sure you’re pulling on the hair with the brush to create TENSION. This is what’s really going to straighten the hair. If your hair slips right through the brush with no tension, then switch to a natural bristle round brush for a better "pull". You basically have three styling options when blowdrying your hair with a brush...

Frustrated with your hair? Feel like you have two left hands when it comes to styling? Let me help you out...

FLIP UP: If you want your hair to flip up at the bottom, then position the brush on top of the hair and blow from underneath.
CURL UNDER: If you want it to curl under, position the brush underneath the hair and blow from the top.
STRAIGHT: If you want your hair pin straight, you could use a paddle (flat)brush or the easiest way would be to just fluff dry & flat iron.

6. When you’re finished the bottom section, remove clips, horizontally section off more hair and allow the next section to fall over top of the first. Work your way up the head.

7. When you reach the top horseshoe of the head, this is when you’re going to use some major volumizing techniques.
CROWN: This section at the top/back is the most important section on your entire head. Brush the hair straight up so it curls back over the brush and blowdry until it is COMPLETELY DRY. Then, before dropping it, let it cool down or give it a shot of cool air with the dryer. Keep holding it up in the air like that until it’s completely cool. The reason is one of the little known, but sooo useful laws of hairstyling... THE WAY IT COOLS IS THE WAY IT STAYS. If you let it fall down while its still hot, it will land flat, cool flat and stay flat, so you may as well not have wasted your time and effort volumizing it. TOP SIDES: Once the crown is nice and big, move on to either side of the part. You’re going to use the exact same technique. Brush the hair straight up so it is curling over the brush to the outside. Blow until it’s dry, hold it up on the brush until its cool, then drop it and move onto the next section.

8. By the time you finish the top, you should be looking like a glamour queen, or at least a polished princess. It does take a little practice, but before long you’ll be blowdrying like a pro! If you want, spray your do with some hairspray, but be sure to use light strokes. You can either use a lot of a cheap hairspray and end up with helmet head, or you can use a little quality hairspray and have hair you can actually touch, that is, without getting your fingers stuck.

Blowdrying With Your Fingers

1. Apply a heat-protecting product while your hair is still wet.

2. Let your hair dry naturally about 90% (fluff dry if you’re short on time).

3. GENTLY detangle the hair (don’t rip through it!) and part it wherever you want the part.

4. Now, you have two basic styling options when you’re blowdrying your hair with your fingers...

VOLUME & FLIP UP: Flip your head upside down and comb your hair with your fingers toward the crown, following with the blowdryer. This is a longstanding technique for getting some quick volume. When you turn your head upside right again, you should be all flippy, especially if your hair is short. If it’s a little longer, you can reinforce those flips by combing your fingers down to where you want the flip to start and blowing just the ends up with the blowdryer.

SLEEK & CURL UNDER: I’m going to tell you about a fabulous & fast technique called the "wrap dry". What you do is comb your fingers through your hair so that it is actually wrapping around your head. Follow your hands with the blowdryer. Keep changing directions so that first you’re wrapping your hair clockwise around your head, then counter-clockwise. This should smooth it out and tuck in your ends. This works really well on short hair. If your hair is a little longer, you might have to use the brush for some finishing touches, but this quick trick will get you most of the way there.

Diffusing For Natural Waves/Curl

1. The idea of diffusing is to bring out your natural curl or wave. There are two ingredients required to create this texture: moisture and hold. Moisture is a curl’s best friend - it makes the curl curlier. You can get this from a leave-in conditioner or any creamy moisturizing hair product. The hold element is for separating the curls, so that you have distinct pieces instead of a big mass of frizz. You can get this from a gel (although beware of cheap gels with high alcohol content -- they dry out thehair). Mix these two ingredients together in your hand and distribute evenly through your hair. Sometimes you can find a two-in-one product that has both these components.

2. Scrunch your hair with your fingers to start bringing out that natural wave.

3. Diffuse the top of your hair first. Flip your head upside down so that the hair is falling down into the diffuser. With the hair resting in the bowl of the diffuser, wiggle it up to the scalp. Diffuse on the lowest speed setting and highest heat setting. Give it a shot of cool air to set it, or just turn the dryer off and hold it there until it cools. Don’t move it around too much or it may start to frizz (you don’t want to "break up" the curl).

4. The sides and back are done in the exact same way. Lean your head into the diffuser so that the hair is lifted off the scalp and given maximum volume. And that’s it! This quick, easy technique should leave you with sexy, natural tousles. Note: When diffusing hair, you don’t have to dry it 100%. With curly hair, sometimes you get to a point where you’re not really drying it anymore, but just frizzing it up. Just like an artist needs to know when to put the brush down, you need to know when to put the dryer down.
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