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Hype Girls - Athena and Tara
By: Paul Tanaka
Date: 2007-10-01 00:04:21
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Height: 5’7
Bust: 35
Waist: 24
Hips: 35
Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: blue
Shoe: 7
Agency: Vision Valufactor

Height: 5’6
Bust: 34
Waist: 25
Hips: 34
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Shoe: 8
Agency: Flair Models & Gibson Agency

Wardrobe: Brazen Hussy 863 Queen St W Toronto ON -
Makeup: Erlinda
Hair: Melanie
Photos: Paul Tanaka
Stylist: Melanie B

About Brazen Hussy:

Brazen Hussy is a clothing line for women of all shapes and sizes. Brazen Hussy is designed as a tribute to those women who are confident, bold and not ashamed to show their sexy side. -designer

Fashion tells people what to wear. Style is a personal imprint that represents the wearer.

A word from the photographer:

Today’s photoshoot was filled with sun, palm trees, water and beautiful girls wearing beautiful clothing. It felt like my own personal oasis...until the stylist hit my shoulder and told me to stop day dreaming.

Shooting the Brazen Hussy line I thought of a sophisticated, stylish, sexy and very confident woman who enjoys the finer things in life and is not afraid to go get it.

Models Athena and Tara show that they are not afraid to be Brazen Hussy’s.

Hype1 Interview - Behind the lens with Athena and Tara.

What do you think the difference between fashion and style is?
A: Fashion tells people what to wear. Style is a personal imprint that represents the wearer. Brazen Hussy simply creates a canvas you can add to. They are creating the wave rather than riding it. They cater to self-actualized people who already know what they want.
T: I think fashion is the designer’s items that are out there for you to choose from and style is more personal. Style is what you choose of those items and how you put them together to reflect your personality and how you want the world to see you.

What was your favorite piece from the collection?
A: My favorite piece was the distinctive, unique gorgeous black dress that I added my gold necklace to...leaving my imprint. Today is all about choices.
T: Definitely the white dress! I loved it! It fit perfectly and it reminded me of the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe with the white dress blowing around her.
How did you feel wearing the clothes?
A: When I wore Brazen Hussy I thought of a shameless, impudent woman. Well-behaved
woman never making history! Brazen Hussy does not follow the conventional norm. They are trend-setters willing to take risks. A Brazen Hussy wearer faces the world confidently and boldly with self-assurance. Wearing the clothes made me feel sexy, playful and edgy; at the same time, I felt the clothes had a sophisticated twist to them.
T: Sexy and at the same time they kept it classy. Sometimes when designers go for sexy they go over the top, but leaving something to the imagination is even sexier than flashing a lot of skin.

What’s on the horizon for you?
A: I am going to change the world through my artistic endeavors that leaves people wanting more.
T: I just started working as a consultant at B.E.S.T. Funds working with the marketing and public relations efforts at the firm. I’m really excited about the opportunities that are to come with this excellent company.

Do you have any hobbies?
A: Besides modeling and acting, I am a commissioned artist. I love doing abstract oil color. I love creative writing as well! I am working on a non-fictional novel about life. I love playing sports! I am on an ultimate Frisbee team called "I like you, do you like me?"
I love traveling to exotic places like Costa Rica. I love cooking and more importantly eating.
T: Modeling, drag racing, reading, going to the beach, going out on the town with my friends.

What’s the most enjoyable thing when modeling?
A: Modeling is similar to acting in a sense that you use your mind, body and emotions to portray a character or a product. My favorite thing when modeling is figuring out the fundamentals. ie. How a company wants to be portrayed. Then I figure out - how can I achieve the objective while leaving my imprint. Hence I try to overcome the ultimate obstacle which is reacting to an action (photographer & camera). I know I am such a nerd!
T: Getting to work in front of the camera, it’s so much fun to be sexy like that because there really isn’t any other appropriate circumstance in daily life where you can be out on location and strike a pose.

Some models are known for their legs or hair etc. Are you known for anything?
A: Yes! I am known for my over-sized big blue eyes.
T: I am told that I have an all-American sort of look. As well that there isn’t anything fake about me. Being natural makes me stand out.

Do you find it harder to model swimwear than clothes?
A: Confidence is the key to life. If you believe you are beautiful, sexy, talented, and confident then you are. If you find beauty in your imperfections, you’ll find they can work for you. I do not find it more difficult to model swimwear because I am self assured.
T: I find with my body type, and having curves, a lot of the modeling I do is swimwear and lingerie. I’m not tall enough or skinny enough to do the high fashion. That’s fine with me, I like having curves.

That’s fine. Hype likes your curves.
T: laughs.

What is the one thing you could not live with out?
A: My family and friends. True friendship and loyalty reveals itself in time. In society today we generally put our selfish interest first before commitment to higher ideologies. The truth is everyone needs a positive support system. I’m very lucky to have the strong, optimistic people that stand by me no matter what.
T: My flat iron. I’ve been cursed with naturally frizzy/curly hair and I can’t step out of the house without taming it.

Has there been anything that has helped you become a better model?
A: Becoming more confident. It’s important to recognize your fear in order to be healed from it. I use to have stage fright. I cared about what people thought of me too much. I took workshops for public speaking etc and I was delivered to a heightened sense of self.
T: Practice, and watching America’s next top model haha. Getting ideas about posing from magazines also helps. When I was younger I was always the little girl jumping into pictures and hamming it up for the cameras, so naturally being comfortable in front of the camera helps.

What do you think makes a confident woman?
A: A woman that is optimistic and self actualized.
T: Getting comfortable with being in your own skin and doing things that make you feel good about yourself on a regular basis instills a sense of confidence in a woman.

Where would you like to model next?
A: I would like to model in a totally different country like Australia, to get a global view of the world.

Do you have any hidden talents?
A: I was a competitive gymnast and trampolinist for ten years. I can play the triangle. I can eat a whole tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I sumo wrestle on the weekends.
T: Yes and I would like to keep them hidden...just kidding!
I’m actually an excellent cook. I just don’t do it very often because I hate the clean up afterwards.

What’s your ideal first date?
A: My ideal first date is with a friend who I can be myself around. We would go horse back riding on a trail then make-out in the bushes hahaha while wearing snow suits or something funny. I love a guy with a sense of humour.
T: Hmmm, probably being taken to an art gallery where one of my favorite artists was being exhibited, then going out for a nice dinner and maybe going salsa dancing or some kind of dancing afterwards.

If you pick anywhere on the globe to travel?where would it be?
A: I would travel to somewhere remote ( a non-commercial place). I would stay in a village with the locals so I could have a better understanding of their culture. I would travel to Kulu India.
T: Fiji, it just looks so beautiful.

Is there one thing you have not done that you really want to do?
A: Become a Buddhist monk for a month to understand discipline.
T: Go to Fiji! haha just kidding. I would love to finally be on the cover and not just inside a magazine. It would be awesome to walk past a news stand and see myself on the cover of something. That would be unreal.

It’s always great shooting a sexy wardrobe and working with models I believe in.
Thank you to the designers of Brazen Hussy for providing this shoot with some great style. Thanks to the hard working models and everyone behind the lens that made this shoot come to life.
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara  
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
  Hype Girls Athena and Tara
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