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By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2008-03-13 19:05:23
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STRONGFor Exclusive Photo Coverage of the ABA Hair show CLICK HERE

The time has come once again for the hairiest of the hairy, the coiffiest of the coiffed. It’s the ABA hair show in Montreal at Palais de Congres... domain of the uber-creative people that keep us looking our best all year long. Whether you’ve got long hair, short hair, curly or straight, as long as you’ve got it, there’s something at this show for you. At the ABA, it’s all about your crowning glory. Things were a little off-kilter this year because of the insane weather we had on the weekend. But an erratic blizzard can’t keep Montrealers away from anything fashion-related for long. They made up for it on Monday. As the sun came out, so did the crowds, returning in droves and resulting in one of the highest attendances ever.

Regardless of what the latest trends are, what’s most in fashion is what looks good on you.

As per usual, there were tons of creative hairstyles and colours, tips and tricks, amazing presentations and of course, shop, shop, shopping galore. This is the magical place where all of your hair tools and products cost 30-50% less than in a retail store. Who doesn’t love lots of variety and a sizeable discount to boot?

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What everyone really wants to know is "what’s in for hair this year?" Well, here’s your fix, served up on a silver platter. Texture was definitely the star of the show. After years of faithful service, you can finally give your flat iron a rest. With the return to volume, the big barrel curling irons are flying off the shelf. We’re seeing bigger hair and hair that is more "done."
Hair colours, although always crazy at a hair show, were more demure than usual. The predominant hues were browns and neutral shades. Crazy colours like electric blue and hot pink still made an appearance, but are taking a bit of a back seat this year.

When it comes to cuts, strength is absolutely essential. We see the return of Vidal Sassoon’s classic bob. Think of the Victoria Beckham cut that was so hot in recent years, except with a clean, hard perimeter instead of the shattered ends. This year, its go strong or go home. For the fashion-forward and daring, those bobs are asymmetric. Fake hair and extensions are still going strong, as we all like to recover really quickly from those spontaneous funky cuts.
Regardless of what the latest trends are, what’s most in fashion is what looks good on you. Think about what styles and colours flatter your face shape, skin tone and personal style. Whatever you do, this year’s rules dictate that you do it like you mean it. There ain’t no halfway about it.

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