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n o w h e r e - club

653 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL
TYPE:  Nightclub-Lounge-Bar
ATMOSPHERE:  eclectic, trendy, hipster
LAYOUT:  285
ATTIRE:  over the top chic
FEATURES:  New!!!, Hot, Big, Upscale, Romantic, Hipster, Food, Selective, Bottle, Celebrity


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Information about n o w h e r e - club

N o w h e r e is set apart from the competition, considering it is an intimate, upscale venue, packed with the most advanced technology in lighting and special effects seen to date in the Miami market. What we offer in terms of dynamic technology, full kitchen, flow, and an all VIP atmosphere, positions our venue as distinctly superior to what you would expect to find in a Mega nightclub. Our venue is essentially a platform to present media content in a dynamic and innovative way; giving the event producer the ability to transport attendees into a 360?? degree full-sensory experience. Via our venue, the event producer now has the ability to present his/her vision, themes and story and articulate it with dramatic impact.
?h 285 official capacity
?h 3,500 Total sq/ft.
Three Rooms:
?h Bar Room
?h Main Room
?h VIP Room
The Rooms Offer:
3 VIP sectionals: each section seats 6 people
1 VIP sectional seats 8 people
1 VIP sectional seats 10 people
2 VIP sectional seats 14 people each
Total Seating for 64 people
?h 15 movable tables; each table capable of changing any color at any light density.
?h Each of the tables has an interchangeable lid cover which converts to an ice bucket for bottles.
?h 4 regular dancer stages, one main stage and two dancer stages in one of the VIP areas.
N o w h e r e | Nightclub & Lounge, South Beach
All the sound equipment, speakers, and amplifiers are brand new:
?h 2 spin tables Pioneer 1000.
?h 4 tops in the main bar producer EV (electro voice) each speaker 12 inch.
?h 4 subwoofers in the main bar, 18 inch woofers each.
?h 2 Turbosound 12 inch speakers as a monitor inset into the Dj booth.
?h 2 Turbosound 12 inch speakers with Turbosound subwoofer in a front Bar.
?h 2 JBL speakers and subwoofer in a main VIP room.
?h Sound system in interconnection with Video system; enables us to accommodate VJ's together with DJ's
?h Walls are decorated with a special material which absorbs echoes in the club providing deep quality sound.
?h Parquet floors are adding to the class of the club, absorbing sound as well.
Special Effects:
?h 3 Laser machines from Luma Laser.
?h 2 Laser machines are spooky blue, two colors red and green.
?h The Central Laser Ataxx, 1.5 vat power; FULL COLOR.
?h The Laser system is controlled by software Mamba Black.
?h Special Feature: Laser Technology includes being able to text the laser; lasers can project the text onto the walls, floor etc.
?h Lasers are able to fill the room with intersecting walls of light, however, many shapes and effects to choose from, each effect able to fill the room.
?h 2 Misters: which highlight Laser effect for that ??wow factor??.
?h 1 Snow Machine: Yes, we can make it snow inside.
Best Lighting System in Miami. Period.
Lighting System in General:
We are using ONLY! ONLY! LED technology, which is highly advanced and superior to the conventional LED lighting systems seen in nightclubs in the market currently.
There is not one conventional halogen lighting in the club.
N o w h e r e | Nightclub & Lounge, South Beach
LED RGB technology provides us with opportunity completely change colors of the entire club, as we using to light up ledge above the VIP seating??s, stages, bar counter top, in addition to the Waterfall in the back of the main Bar and VIP tables.
We are able to control the strength of the lighting to any level that is appropriate for every night scene.
In Addition, our LED RGB system has the ability of strobbing. In addition to the main strobe which is really strong, the LED RGB technology in strobbing mode offers 3 different strobe effects at various strengths. The entire lighting system is controlled by a separate computer using software which gives us the ability to control every single aspect of the equipment while being able to mix and interconnect their various features.
(5) Hi-Def Projectors Total.
The main room offers 3 Sharp video projectors (specs will follow in a separate email). These 3 projectors can be used in sequence, offering either one panoramic picture with seamless blending, or they can be used as 3 separate projectors in sequence. There is 1 projector used in the front bar and works in coordination with two 50 inch Flat screens TVs. The 5th projector is located in a main VIP room. Projectors are controlled from the lighting booth by a separate computer using very popular Vj software Archaos.
2 bars with the capacity of serving 60 people at a time.
?h Each Bar contains 2 Ice wells and 2 Soda guns.
?h Each Bar can have enough space to be used by 3 bartenders easily.
?h First bar has 2 POS systems produced by Pinnacle and using the Positouch system.
?h The main bar has 3 POS systems, 2 of which is used by the bartenders and the 3rd one is used by Table writers specially for table service.
N o w h e r e | Nightclub & Lounge, South Beach
Full Kitchen for Event Catering
?h Our kitchen is fully operational.
?h We have a food license and can serve food as well.
Our nightclub is equipped with 6 surveillance cameras
?h We have the ability to broadband broadcast the on goings inside the club in real time. Viewable via websites etc.
In General: We are using 6 different independent but interconnected systems:
?h Great Brand New very powerful sound system controlled from the DJ Booth
?h LED RGB lighting system controlled by a separate computer from a lighting booth
?h 3 lasers system controlled by the separate computer from a lighting booth
?h Video projection system controlled from the lighting both
?h POS system controlled from the office
?h Video camera system controlled from the office.
We look forward to working with you on creating quality content driven events.

Payment Types: Visa / Master Card /
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