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447 Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier, Montreal, QC
TYPE:  French
NEIGHBORHOOD:  Old Montreal & Old Port MAP
CHEF:  Gerard Fort
FEATURES:  Historic, Fine Dining, Patio, Romantic, Rooftop, Special Occasion


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Information about Bonaparte

Welcome to the Inn's Restaurant
Imagine a stream of soft light focused on a single white orchid, set on a white tablecloth...
Comfortable armchairs and banquettes that invite you to settle in for the evening...
Romantic little nooks for an intimate dinner...
Contemporary decor within historic stone walls...
And exquisite cuisine, prepared with French savoir-faire and showcasing the finest fresh regional products.
Theater Menu available from 5:30 to 6:30.

The Auberge Bonaparte is one of the jewels of Old Montreal's hotel scene. The Auberge has a four-star classification and offers 30 rooms and a magnificent suite, all imbued with the charm of the historic building and beautifully appointed with Louis-Philippe style furnishings. The cachet of old stone, the warmth of intricate woodwork, the perfumes of history, every detail contributes to the refinement of the experience in which we are inviting you to immerse yourself.

The Bonaparte promises you a memorable adventure in the heart of Old Montreal, where past meets present.

Come in and see...

The five-story building was built in 1886 by architect Victor Roy. Its first owner was a judge, the honourable Joseph-Amable Berthelot.
The frontispiece still shows, engraved in the stone, the "Berthelot 1886" stamp.

During this period, the building industry in the neighbourhood was booming. The architectural ensembles, of various inspirations, include the Notre-Dame Basilica (1829), the first post-office in the city (1845), City Hall (1878), the Bonsecours market (1847), not to mention the financial institutions, the old Montreal Stock Exchange and harbour front buildings.

With the Saint-Lawrence River as its natural frontier, the strikingly splendid area marks the city's prosperity and places it at the top of the list of the continent's most important cities. It also designates the city as a centre of growth in Canada.

To say that a hotel in the area was needed is a reality that has been noted for a few years, as the Old Montreal became more and more frequented by tourists and business peoples.

In Europe, the historic districts abound in small hotels and charming inns. Paris, Rome, London, Athens, Madrid etc., are teeming with houses full of history. Consumer's habits are changing and an increasing demand for authenticity and professional character is to be expected. The wants and needs of the travelers have become more specific. Everyone is a little tired of conventional hostelry, with its chain uniformity and lack of identity, seen as impersonal and rather cold. For a given level of comfort, our guests are increasingly sensitive to a specific setting, a unique and privileged environment. Our kind of accommodation and reception illustrate this concern perfectly.

Until recently, Old Montreal had only a few places available to accommodate visitors, among them the " Passants du Sans Soucy " inn, where reservations needed to be made months in advance. The area now takes pride in several little inns and hotels where the occupancy rate and reports of satisfaction are constantly increasing.

The Bonaparte Inn & Restaurant is one of the only establishments to offer a gastronomic restaurant within its walls.

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