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Time Boutique Cafe

3290 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC
TYPE:  Contemporary-International-Fusion
LAYOUT:  Huge luxury terrace with paintrees, flickering lanterns, and chandeliers suspended from day beds
AVG. COST:  $50 not including wine
HOURS OF OPERATION:  mon-fri 9am-3am sat-sun 10am-3am
FEATURES:  Breakfast, DJ, Nightlife Scene, Brunch, Patio ,


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Information about Time Boutique Cafe

When four Montreal club owners start serving fresh fruit and Nutella crepes for brunch, mini burgers with emmental cheese for lunch, and chilli shrimps on a Thai basil risotto, it may be time to acknowledge a trend. The ravenous four men that brought Time Supper Club to Montreal's nightlife are now giving St-Laurent's resto-strip a go with Time Boutique Cafe. The modern-style fusion menu, stacked with local ingredients, translates into splendidly omni-sensual entertainment. A smiling band of mod-frocked hostesses welcome old-Timers and first comers. Louis XIIII inspired faux crocodile chairs and colourful paintings animate the snazzy open concept interior.

It sets itself apart from the others in the area with its "boutique" concept. They say "boutique" because all the art and furniture are available for purchase (via special order). One large caramel padded banquette seats a special group of ten. The outdoor terrace lies beyond the crowed bar and steaming kitchen. Three tented day-beds are draped with sheer chiffon; they line a luxurious terrace amidst a centre piece of large organic trees. The energy of the place is almost palpable with the obsessive attention to detail found beneath the Time group's company umbrella. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and hungry times in between. It is only here that you will find that the owner's presence is apart of every visitor's dining experience.

After hours tapas menu with wine pairing
Live DJ?s on Friday and Saturday nights
Modern fusion-style cuisine with daily and nightly specials
Speciality drinks: Caipirinha (a Brazilian alternative to sangria) and Mojitos
Scrabble, Backgammon and playing cards available

by: Vanessa N.K. Morcom
TIME Group, Director of Public Relations

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Member: Palin2006-12-04 15:26:12
We had a terrible time at Time Cafe. Our group was seated in a very small area, with half the group sitting in a booth, very tight together. The fact that no coat check was available made matters worse in this area. We were sitting so close to one another that you could barely use your fork without bumping into someone. Another group had great seating at the back of the restaurant, with sufficient space. Our waiter, tall slim and with short hair, was unprofessional and on the verge of being incompetent. In our group, men were served before women. When it came time to add up the bill he was extremely unhelpful in dividing up the bill based on what people ordered. Rosanna and I spent 1 hour with the bill trying to calculate what each person ordered so that they could be charged accordingly. This is not something that should be left up to the clients to do. Neither the waiter nor the floor manager helped us in dealing with this problem. We were told that it takes too long to divide the bill, and that people won’t remember what they ordered. We could have made room for other clients so much sooner instead of trying to calculate everything ourselves for an hour. We were then informed by our waiter that we had to leave our table, but we could stand at the bar with our jackets if we like. In what I can best describe as a lack of communication, the birthday cake we brought was cut into thick pieces from the kitchen, but there weren’t enough slices for everyone in our group. At the end of the night the waiter literally begged for a decent tip, swooping to a new low by blaming the manager for his incompetence. I really do not recommend this place for an event. Pick a place that respects their customers.


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