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Fun at the Pirate Festival
By: Matt Day
Date: 2006-08-28 22:30:02
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At the Ye Old Fort York, Young and Old alike are invited to enhjoy the sites and scenery of the time when Pirates we rockstars and plunder was to be had.
While taking Pictures for the Pirate Festival I was confronted with a pretty young wench who had be watching too many commercials where the woman begins to Vogue as if on the runway of some fashion house in Paris, I take serveral pictures and move on too afraid she might think shes Niaomi cambell and slap me.

For the children there are contests, food, prises and entertainment.

There are many things to interest the adult as well the child, one of kind crafts, jewelery hand crafted and unique as well clothing no self respecting goth should be without, leather goods, forged instruments for cooking over the open fire and Fine Ales from the Ale house.

For the children there are contests, food, prises and entertainment.
  So whens the funny bit supposed to Happen?
  Avast ya scurvy Dogs
  Dont step on the midgets
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