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Republik Nightclub - CLOSED

261 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario
TYPE:  Nightclub
NEIGHBORHOOD:  Entertainment District MAP
ATMOSPHERE:  very casual atmosphere
LAYOUT:  2 big rooms with an upstairs vip area
AGE GROUP:  19 -35
AVG. COST:  $15
FEATURES:  Hot Spot, Bottle Service, ATM ,


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Information about Republik Nightclub - CLOSED

Located inside the Paramount theatre buliding. Republik boast one of the best sound and light systems in Toronto. Upstairs there is a nice vip area where you can smoke.

When I hear the two words 'entertainment district' images flash through my mind of drunken 905ers, Parasuco jeans, cell phones stuffed in bras and enough pin stripped shirts to make me dizzy. But as I approach Republik and glance down the line I see bold colours, and designer labels; immediately I feel at ease.

When I approach the doormen they greet me pleasantly and I notice about 50 young women lined up in front of them, adjusting their cleavage and skirt length in hopes of being welcomed into the club. When I ask a few of these young women how often they frequent Republik each one was a return customer, and a few, faithful regulars.

The minute I stepped through the front doors of Republik I knew it was incomparable to the rest of the downtown club scene. I was immediately transfixed by the 12 rotating 42 inch plasma flat screens and LED lights circling the dance floor in the main, and largest, of three rooms. The 40 foot stage to my right grabbed my attention next, while minutes later I found myself on the dance floor unable to stop moving to the hot beats and truly impressive light show. 20 watt full colour lasers, 6 hydraulic trusses, and an amazing 200,000 watts of sound will keep you dancing and planning the next four weekends around this club.

Next I moved to the hip-hop room, also known as the Vision room where DJ Dave Campbell was playing new & old hip-hop favorites that every party-goer knows the words to. Behind me I found a fully stocked premium bar, with two pretty bartenders dressed in a mixture of army print and black bikini tops, that made them comparable to GI Jane Barbie. The outfits weren't the only impressive trait these girls offer, they were pretty enough to catch your eye, and smart enough to know what premium means, an unlikely and hard to find trait in Toronto's club scene.

The third room, Qube, caters to the VIP's and is located directly above and between the first two rooms, where you look down upon club regulars dancing on both sides and partying too hard to care that you're VIP. The room features a Miami style contemporary feel with white leather couches and palm trees that make you forget your downtown. The only downside to being a VIP in this club are the washrooms, only offering two for a room that caters to over a hundred. Although well maintained and pleasantly designed like the rest of the club, a couple vodka 7's later and your bladder won't care how pretty it is.

Republik is not like your typical one-night stand, pretty at night in the fancy lights, but unsightly in the morning. Instead it was designed with the intention to stand out in the long row of carbon copy clubs the entertainment district offers.

Forget what you've heard about the Toronto club scene before, because Republik offers something for everyone. This party spreads across 16,000 feet of club space and offers one of the best light and sound shows in the world, you can't help but be impressed by Republik and forget all about the location of this hot spot.

By: Holly Hendershot

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